Skin + acne care

Welcome to Mikura! I’m Naomi Kurata, a licensed esthetician specializing in wholistic, plant-based skincare as well as acne treatments. I use a blend of professional products which include:

  • whole-plant skincare made from biodynamically grown flowers and herbs at a small garden in Virginia,

  • plant-based clinical skincare from Australia, and

  • acne-specific skincare from Face Reality.


treatments & Services


Acne Treatments

Initial Consult + Acne Remedy
$110 // 90 minutes

During your initial visit, we'll discuss your diet, lifestyle, and current home care then address any problems with your skin that you're experiencing. After analyzing your skin under a magnifying lamp, we'll determine the best treatment plan for you. Please bring all skincare products you are currently using to your first visit so that we can check the appropriateness for skin type and non-comedogenicity.


Acne Remedy
$75 // 60 minutes

This treatment is for acne follow up visits only. My signature Acne Remedy may include cleanse, enzyme steam, extractions, masque, high frequency, and blue LED light therapy.

Extended Acne Remedy
$110 // 90 minutes

This treatment is for acne follow up visits only and can only be booked with approval. The Extended Acne Remedy includes everything in the Acne Remedy plus longer extraction time, ultrasonic infusion, blue LED, and high frequency.

Blue LED Light Therapy
$55 // 35 minutes

Blue LED light is used to shorten the healing time of acne lesions and stimulate the appearance of plump new cells, which helps to minimize the appearance of acne scarring. The LED light has a germicidal effect which can shorten the lifespan of P. acnes bacteria on the skin which in turn leads to clearer, healthier skin quickly.  



Corrective Skin Treatments

All corrective skin treatments include a face, neck, shoulder, and décolleté massage.

Redness Relief Treatment
$150 // 90 minutes

My Redness Relief Treatment gives you immediate results in reducing facial redness and sensitivity. Skin is refined and softened with the natural enzymes of papaya and pineapple to gently remove excess skin cells without irritating your delicate skin. Vitamins, ceramides, and our exclusive dermal remodeling complexes are infused with the use of ultrasound into your skin. A chrysanthemum and rose facial masque seals in the actives and leaves the skin calm and incredibly soft and hydrated. The treatment will finish with LED light therapy to calm the appearance of inflammation and improve the appearance of the capillary network by visibly reducing the appearance of diffused redness.


Skin Brightening Treatment
$150 // 90 minutes

This treatment is designed for those with uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Includes a deep cleanse, pumpkin enzyme steam and an ultrasonic exfoliation. The skin is then infused with a skin brightening complex which evens and lightens it.  An application of a pearl brightening treatment mask is followed by a 20 minute red LED light therapy session.

Rezenerate Treatment
$150 // 60 minutes

The Rezenerate pen immediately assists products and serums to improve tone, texture and balance, and restore a healthy, refreshed glow to your skin. Nano-channels are created in the stratum corneum and the conditioned skin retains a healthy plumpness, minimizing the look of fine lines by the end of even your initial treatment. This noninvasive treatment is also effective for reducing hyper-pigmentation and scarring. 



Therapeutic Facials


Nutrition Facial
$65 // 45 minutes
$99 // 75 minutes
$125 // 90 minutes

My custom blended therapeutic facials are personalized to your specific skin needs on the day. This nutrient dense treatment may include warm herbal compresses, exfoliation, enzyme steam, extractions, ultrasonic infusion, pulverized mist, and LED.

Gua Sha Fusion Facial
$45 // 30 minutes
$85 // 60 minutes

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese treatment in which a massage board is used to release pain and tension, increase circulation, encourage lymph drainage, firm the skin, and sculpt facial muscles. This has a smooth, calming sensation that can help clear sinuses and soothe migraines. Vitamin rich oils and floral infused essences are used to hydrate and repair the skin barrier. After, a hot towel is gently placed over the face and neck, then carefully chosen products according to skin type will be applied to finish the treatment. 



Waxing Services

Brows // $23
Lip // $12
Chin // $15
Nose // $12
Cheeks // $20
Full Face // $60
Brazilian // $68
Backside Strip // $39
Bikini // $45
Underarms // $25
Tummy Trail // $30


*Services are not taxed, and tips are not accepted. All prices are exact and shown accordingly.


my skin Philosophy

What is the difference between conventional, organic, and biodynamically grown, whole-plant skincare?

Conventional skincare products are mass-produced, one-size-fits-most skincare. You’ll find these at drugstores, department stores, online, and through individual sales representatives as well. These typically contain the least amount of active ingredients and more fillers so that the general public won’t harm their skin. With that being said, when an over-the-counter product that is not suited to your skin type is used, it can lead to irritation which in turn may cause permanent damage in the long run. 

There are mass-produced organic skincare products as well. Although the term “organic” may make it seem that the product is better for you, that is not necessarily true. Organic cosmetics do not contain pesticides or herbicides, but they often contain unsustainably sourced plants that are grown in depleted soils. This creates subpar products at a higher price point. Typically organic skincare in general contains chemically extracted single plant constituents or synthetics such as isolated vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Biodynamics is a way of including all of nature and the cosmic rhythms in its methods and preparations, thereby re-vitalizing the soil and nature. This leads to the growth and harvesting of vibrant, healthy, and happy plants. Biodynamically-grown plants carry more active nutrients than its standard organic counterparts, which in turn has more impact when applied to the skin. Naomi has partnered with a small skincare company based out of Virginia called Tender Flower Botanicals. What sets apart Tender Flower from other skincare companies is that owner/operator Donna La Pré creates delicate products using the plants that grow on her own biodynamic land as well as other local farms. Naomi utilizes various backbar products from Tender Flower into her facials in order to create a fully tailored experience. For more information on Donna and her products, please visit www.tenderflower.net.

What is corneotherapy?


“Corneotherapy is a remedial skin treatment methodology with its core principle being the repair and maintenance of the skin barrier defense systems. As the name suggests, Corneotherapy is closely related to Corneobiology, which is the physiological, biologic and biochemical processes of the stratum corneum; the outermost layer of the epidermis.”



It is now widely understood that the outer layer of corneocytes of the stratum corneum is a biologically active cellular tissue. The co-inventor of Retin-A, U.S. dermatologist Dr Albert Kligman, and his partners discovered that the stratum corneum, and the lipid barrier that keeps it intact, play a significant role in skin health; it can send many signals to the underlying living epidermis and influences the regenerative processes in deeper layers of the skin. This understanding of skin health, along with appropriate interventions and topical treatments is an ensemble of therapies that Dr Kligman labeled “Corneotherapy.”


About Naomi


Naomi Kurata is a licensed esthetician and certified acne specialist. Her journey with skincare started at a young age when she started experiencing severe inflamed acne in junior high school. After many costly visits to various doctors and dermatologists and not receiving the proper care or attention, she decided to do her own research and treat her skin by herself. Although it took many years of trial and error to heal her skin, this inspired her to help others wholistically who were struggling with similar battles. 

Naomi implements plant based products into her skin treatments for their powerful healing and regenerative capabilities. These products unlock the body’s natural processes to heal itself. Her treatments take a holistic approach where she takes body, mind, and spirit into consideration. 

At Mikura, Naomi offers a variety of skin treatments including clinical based treatments as well as relaxing, therapeutic facials. Besides skin treatments, Naomi offers waxing and lash lifts. Mikura is a transgender safe space and is also accessible to the disabled. 

The Meaning of Mikura

The last two letters of my first name, and the first four of my last, Mikura also has meaning in Japanese. “Mi” means real, truth, or beauty, and “kura” means cellar. The kanji (traditional Japanese characters) are the ones given to me by my mother which are used in my name.